Monday, March 12, 2012

You Know You're in New York When...

Going to the bathroom makes you feel like an idiot.

Seriously, with your fancy bathroom layout, I can't tell what's going on.  Is this a unisex bathroom?  I know a lot of places are, but it would be nice to know; otherwise, I fear that I've accidentally walked into the men's room and anxiously prepare for an awkward encounter.  Sometimes it's not even a "room" but an area...this does not seem conducive to conducting private business.  How does the water turn on?  Is it automatic?  Is that a hand dryer or should I look for towels?  Wait, is that a window behind me in the stall?  Are we sure that it's just there for looks and not an actual window?  I can't be sure.

Once, I even had someone lead me to "the only stall with a door."  Really?!

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  1. Apparently, confusing New York bathrooms are a trend. I'm reminded of the Bloggess trying to find the toilet in her hotel room. She could find the leather sex flog that came with the room no problem, but needed help to find the toilet: