Saturday, April 14, 2012

Best Week EVER

What do you get when you mix soul music, gin, ragtime, brunch, Central Park naps and bike rides, *ice cream fights*, pizza, the Brooklyn Bridge, Egyptian Rat Screw, breweries, truly honest conversation, newly minted catch phrases, an itty bitty living space, improv comedy shows, wine stains on sheets, snow in Brooklyn, beer, more brunch, bagels, jazz, FUN, and a trio of people who say “y’all” with abandon, even while tearing up the big city?

(Besides a tired joke construction and a shameless reference to Disney’s Aladdin?)

Answer: BEST. WEEK. EVER. And more consistent laughter than I can remember in a long time. Or maybe ever.

It's true, folks.  Team Gin NYC Takeover 2012 was a smashing success.

There is no way to effectively sum up everything that happened or every emotion I had while it was happening, but my two visitors managed to do a pretty good job.  Justin, who stayed for an entire week, summed up one predominant emotion as JOY and managed to record a brief outline of our adventures and jokes:

Just remember that only a few, we privileged few, know the full extent and context for these (and sometimes context is necessary)

 And how could Whitney Miracle sum it up any better than with design, images, and haikus? (She does want me to point out that this is a VERY ROUGH draft of the ultimate end-product, but I already told her that I cannot express how much I love it already.)

*This aforementioned MIRACLE worker is also responsible for the previous design on even this pithy blog, and hopefully she’ll come up with something awesome for this new venture based on a big decision I've made, which I will discuss in my next post. You should read it.

I plan to post some of my own pictures in the near future, but for now, this will do brilliantly. 

My heart is full. I love New York, yes, but even more, I love friends in New York.

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