Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day is a day in which we honor the past, those who have fought for us, and paid days off of work(!).  Although last week I prepared by writing a truly thrilling recipe post for Memorial Day grilling on my work's blog (despite the fact that I had neither a grill nor an invitation to a barbecue), I am spending the afternoon in a coffee shop, catching up on some much-needed writing and other tasks.  Thus, I am memorializing days gone by of coffee shop grading days and pre-job coffee shop writing, job applying, and general dallying days.

The Stable House

 A recently opened coffee shop without too much traffic on the holiday, I am a fan of the Stable House so far because it is spacious, has a variety of seating with some available outlets, features a courteous and intriguing staff (thus far), has air conditioning, and miraculously stays open late during the week.


Free burger!

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