Wednesday, July 11, 2012

After-work Socializing Spontaneity

As many pretentious people as there may be in New York, as many over-ambitious and narcissistic young adults with too much money congregate here to make it big in finance or business, and as cliche as it may be in Manhattan to go to an after-work bar, I have to say that I rather enjoy the happy hour drink in the city. Especially on a Friday. TGIF isn't just a clever acronym; it's the cry of my heart on Friday at 6pm.

I was invited to join some girls* (2 of whom I'd met) at the Standard's Biergarten.  I'd been there before and knew to expect–wrestling through the crowds of the somewhat overrated place–but it was still worth it.  Big beers, bratwurst, and good company: my German genes were well-pleased with my choices.

Afterward, I decided that I wasn't ready to go home, so on the invitation of one of the girls whom I had just met, I accompanied her to 230 5th and its rooftop bar, where drinks are pricey and you can't sit down unless you want to pay for bottle service.  Where the view is legitimately stunning and if you're cold, you can wear the provided red robes (read: Snuggies).  Where you unknowingly attend a birthday party for a very social guy from Hong Kong who studied in England, who therefore has a very thick hybrid accent that you're ashamed to say you can't really understand.  But you get a picture with the guy anyway because he's taking a picture with everybody and repeatedly telling you about how much he's already pre-gamed at the apartment (that you can understand).

A bizarre series of circumstances...but more enjoyable for the fact that it was all unexpected and spontaneous.

*I met the girl who graciously extended the invitation while I was singing with the volunteer choir at Hunter College; we all got brunch afterwards and decided to continue being social together.
From the wings of the Hunter College auditorium

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