Monday, July 9, 2012

Brooklyn Flea (& Junk)

Adorable pottery.  Want.

Millions of people + more belongings than they need + limited living and storage space = Flea Market!
(OK, you also have to throw in people with a good eye for collecting, people with talents who sell their art and crafts, etc….but you get my drift).

One very warm (read: too hot) Saturday at the end of May, as a friend and I were still trying to assemble, decorate, and uselessly fill our new apartments, we decided to go to the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene, where untold treasures awaited. 

Our favorite.

I. love. these.

And. Keys.

Useless tidbits for the win!

I don't know why anyone would need this little guy, but everyone should want it.

I surprised myself with my restraint, buying nothing but a curiously flavored popsicle. But never fear; I will return.

People's Pops.  Raspberry Basil flavor, I think they were. 
This picture has some incredible color action happening. 

Even when it’s not an official flea market, I always enjoy fun antique/thrift store finds of useless-yet-alluring junk, such as this store (incidentally called Junk, I believe) in Williamsburg.

Some genius put the photo of the lake next to the vintage beer can.

President-face bottles, buttons, kazoos, alligator belt buckles

"Official Beer Pong Balls," eclectic busts, vintage beer cans

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