Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Being Cliche Can Be Fun

Winter in New York City. Cold air, warm coats, images of...ice skating in the park (or at Rockefeller Center).  I'm fairly certain that every romantic comedy set in New York during winter involves an ice skating scene of some kind. 

My life clearly isn't a rom-com, but I did go ice skating Saturday night at Bryant Park with an old friend from high school, Clif Brown, and his wife Lauren. 

Being here a week has shown me that as "brave" as I fancy myself to be because of the act of moving here, I would not know what to do with myself if I didn't have some friends already here to welcome me in, even in small amounts. 

On to the skating.  Truth be told, it was so packed with skaters that people who oppose either the act of skating or large crowds (e.g. Clif) would find it miserable.  However, people who optimistically reconceive the crushing mass of skaters on a small rink as a living obstacle course, more prone to surprises and hilarious spills in which show-offs eat the ice (e.g. me), then it was quite enjoyable.

Blurry shot, mid-skate, pre-avoiding people who fell in front of me
Crazy eyes
Let it be known that cell phones and cameras were "strictly" prohibited.  New York is clearly turning me into an anarchist already.

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