Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Greenlight Bookstore

Greenlight’s relatively new but seemed to have a lot of buzz.  In fact, in a NYMag  blurb, one of my absolute favorite current authors, Jhumpa Lahiri, said, “I’ve already come to think of Greenlight as an extension of my home. Everyone knew Fort Greene needed a bookstore, but I don’t think anyone dreamed it would be as perfect a place as this.”*

Greenlight is also in the neighborhood right next to BedStuy, the adorable Fort Greene, right off the subway a mere two stops from me. The location alone makes it a promising favorite of mine. 

Fun with Hipstamatic.

 It’s well-lit in an airy instead of fluorescent-industrial way.  The display tables were interesting but not necessarily compelling, and the selection was very strong. It features impressive collections by single authors, displayed in a way that makes me ask, “Why have I not read [author] yet?? I must rectify this shocking literary lack.”  Greenlight is clearly an active bookstore, featuring plenty of local author readings, bookclubs, and other community-centric events, and I enjoy seeing a business (especially an independent bookstore) so grounded in its neighborhood.

Why have I not read Murakami yet?

Impressive/Interesting collection
 Greenlight is a good, solid bookstore, but it’s still missing a bit of the coziness that I value.  But I’m willing to give it a few more tries.

*Seriously, check her out; I still like her Pulitzer prize-winning, debut short story collection Interpreter of Maladies (and the story "Sexy") best.  Interestingly, since the quote implies that she lives nearby, the store had surprisingly few copies of her books. I may hang out at Greenlight just to “bump” into her. Stalker alert.

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