Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Part of the excitement of New York is the novelty of being in a city of so much history, a history which exists on many levels, be they political, social, cultural, architectural…
Of course, for those who have lived in New York, this sense of “old” has no novelty.  But for a sheltered suburbanite like me, I find it exciting.

So although there may be drawbacks to my new living situation (more on that later), I relish in the details, the craftsmanship of the old building in which I now live.

(Disclaimer: Please excuse the poor picture quality; I have only a lowly iPhone3GS with no flash and a temperamental disposition. Alas.
Also, when I say that I am intrigued by the architectural details, please note that I do NOT mean the painting decisions of my roommate, from whom I am subleasing.  The colors you see are the (in my opinion, failed and very wayward) attempt to "do a Victoria's Secret thing."  Please do as I plan to do on a daily basis: ignore them and imagine a soft, soothing yet warm, solid, non-pink color. It's not my style.)

The corner of my room; love the woodwork.

View from my window

Trying to be creative looking through the cute wooden slats in my window...

Living Room


It's a good thing I have two closets...

My absolute favorite detail: the door handle to the stairwell. Wonder what the history of the building is?

Entryway walls

The steps to "home" And, yes, I plan to leave the quotes on for now.


  1. I really don't think the pink is all that bad...not your style...sure...but maybe that style could be one of the new things you try...or maybe is very bright.